Long story short; I’m not dead.

I took a break from developing stuff for awhile because it started to feel like a job again. I’m not doing that again. To counter the feeling I just backed off and put things to the side for a bit.

Good news, I’m sort of back to coding again. I’ve worked on a few side projects (not related to e107), one of which will be powering this site when I get a little more finished on it. Another one is something for my personal use, but I’ll speak more about when it’s ready (protip: if you follow me on GitHub you will see the commits for any projects discussed in this post). Finally, I’m going to work on writing a plugin for e107 that utilizes Google Calendars to display events for your calendars.

Finally, I’m dipping into a little bit of Android app development. So if you own an Android phone and want to test my crappy apps, keep an eye on this site for updates!

There’s this really neat script that allows you to gather an HTML hexcode from a popout box using JavaScript.

e107 does not contain any method for picking an HTML hexcode. I needed something like this for Forecasty and some other plugins I plan on writing in the future. I requested this be added to the core, since I think it’s a great idea, but was shot down since it probably wouldn’t be used by many people and isn’t used in the core at all. I basically agree, so I did what any sensible programmer/coder would do in this situation. I wrote a plugin for it.

Using it is simple. Just grab the files form the repo (I might make a release to make this easier), upload, install, and then jump to the configuration > preferences. Now enable the toggle. Tada, it’s ready. Adding the colorpicker class to any applicable form element now makes that element able to display a colorselector.

There’s some examples in the README file that should help anyone intersted in using this out.

I’ve been working on two new plugins for e107. Neither of them are new concepts, and there’s probably already plugins of their nature floating around for v1 of e107. However, there’s very few plugins that work for v2 (or are built for v2) of this nature. So, let’s begin.


A weather plugin using Forecast.io to gather it’s data. Eventually there will be shortcodes to present the user with a short description of what is happening, and that description will have a vulgarity level.

The one-liners that will be used will be posted after the feature is implemented. I’m not sure how multilingual they will be, but hey. That’s up to the translators!

I’m toying with the ability to just put the data into a database, that way anyone can add any type of one-liner they want for the weather condition.


I used Last.fm awhile ago to track my music listening. The only reason I don’t use it right now is because I’m rarely on my desktop. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to display my listening habits at all, or won’t ever want to.

Scrobbls is my first attempt at doing mostly OOP (as much as I can manage). I’ll be building the _class.php file up as I write output files (menus, pages) to display the content.

Since this is still very early in the development I can’t go into much more detail on anything else.

I know, I know.

I’ve decided to switch up the layout a bit. This one has more going for it than the last one, and it’ll be easier to expand on in the future.

I don’t know if this was possible in the old layout, but I can do things like include Gists:

Note: The code in the above Gist may not work any longer.

Which I guess could be helpful in the future.

Anyways, I really only made this to fill some content up and to inform anyone reading that I’m not going to fully focus on the plugins mentioned in the previous post.

Chances are you if you’re reading this and you’re waiting on one of my plugins to be updated, fixed, whatever – you’re curious why, or how, I have time to push out little updates to already released plugins or to create new repos for new plugins, or maybe even how I have time to make this blog (and these posts). Let me go over each plugin and detail what I’m going with them. I’ll list them in the order in which they’ll get attention.


Basically this is getting a tiny rewrite. I’m mostly done with the big chunks I just need to fine tune it and make it function correctly. I need testers when It’s finally released, so if you’re interested follow the repo for commits on when these changes go live.


Let’s take some time to consider that I would, or felt like, updating wowrecruit or riftrecruit. Alright, now stop. I’m not doing that.

Instead I’m going to create a new recruitment plugin that will be more flexible in what you can recruit for. I don’t have a lot hashed out for this yet, but I’m fairly sure there will be XML files that store some information on what kind of recruitment you plan on doing. For now, I have some mock files written up for World of Warcraft, Rift, and Wildstar. All of these are MMOs. I’ve considered writing up some for sports, but I don’t follow that crap so..

Form Builder

Ah.. the Survey “rewrite”. For now, it’s kind of on hiatus again. I’m doing my best to understand how some of the Bootstrap Form Builders save the data generated when you create your forms so I can utilize it.. but I’m not grasping it. I’m open to tips.

Until the above is ironed out, this plugin is on hold.

Everything Else!

I’m also working on urkQuotes, but it’s kind of a personal project meant to take over for the backend I wrote for chickfights.us so I’m in no hurry to do a lot with it since moving that site to e107 requires me to port the frontend to an e107 theme. I dislike frontend dev, so that’ll be awhile.

I also plan on helping out with the e107help community platform dev work. That could potentially take a front seat when the time comes. We’ll find out together!